What does the Acquaviva Method consist of?

I wanted to put my studies and clinical experience at the service of those who wish to undertake a path of change to live in health and harmony, creating a scientific approach whose effectiveness I have tested. This method is the basis of the immersive and regenerating retreats that I dedicate to guests of Palazzo di Varignana. In this fascinating context, immersed in nature and dedicated to well-being, one can more easily learn the strategies to enhance one’s psycho-physical potential, aiming for healthy longevity, revealing a new form of beauty.

The method

The Acquaviva Method that I have formulated is based on scientific evidence and combines Western medicine with Eastern practices according to a holistic vision to achieve well-being, balance and beauty.

Scientific research confirms that the human body is an extremely fascinating machine and functions optimally only if all parts are in balance with each other. Epigenetics, the science that studies how lifestyle, environmental factors can “turn on or turn off” the expression of genes, demonstrates how these impact promoting health, disease, premature aging. Therefore, destiny does not only depend on genetic heritage, but above all on care for one’s body: for example: how and what we eat, how and how much we sleep, how we manage stress, how we cultivate emotions, how much exercise we do.

The method aims to “modulate” the expression of one’s genetics to allow it to express its potential, to stop “the running of the clock” dictated by unhealthy behaviors and to promote longevity in health and beauty.

Those who choose this scientific method to learn to live better and find themselves in a new awareness will have an active role in their lifestyle change process.

The Acquaviva Method is based on the 5 pillars of health which, applied in a holistic vision, represent a successful strategy to achieve ideal weight, well-being and longevity.

  • 1
    personalized nutrition
  • 2
    inner harmony
  • 3
    physical activity
  • 4
    sleep and rest
  • 5
    food and cosmetic integration

To create the method, I selected and registered only activities, therapies and treatments that bring benefits validated by science and which, together, provide a transformative and empowering experience.

The 5 Pillars of Health

How much does our lifestyle affect our health and longevity?

Scientific literature tells us that our behavior affects up to 70% of our health prospects!
Here are the strategies and tools I propose to achieve balance between body and mind and best face life’s challenges.

It involves the application of the most recent scientific evidence to the person. The balance of these factors is the key to reaching the maximum potential of one’s psychophysical well-being and shining with a new form of beauty.
Discover the strategies and benefits of the 5 pillars of health in the book HealthRevolution.

The application of the Acquaviva Method

The 5 pillars of health are the “ingredients” of my longevity formula, which I have combined effectively to create different Retreats at Palazzo di Varignana, selecting activities, treatments and therapies that guests can learn during their stay at the resort and continue to apply at home.

health & Wellness Retreats

Health Revolution: reverse time, express your potential

Health Revolution
reverse time, express your potential

The retreats of the Acquaviva Method proposed at Palazzo di Varignana represent a transformative “journey” of remise en forme to express one’s potential, rediscover psychophysical harmony and mental energy, shine with an unprecedented form of beauty. A multi-night holiday to treat yourself to a change, to achieve harmony and healthy longevity.


Natural awakening
of your psycho-physical form.


Lose weight
with awareness and balance.

Deep Sleep

Good sleep helps
to live better.


A detoxifying experience
in complete relaxation.

Golden age

Gets better
your charm.

La dolce vita

Charm and well-being
of Italian savoir vivre.

Relax & Boost

Enhances physical performance
and mental at the table.

Elixir of longevity

Wellness and dedicated cuisine
of mindfulness.

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